We believe in people of true passion who dedicate themselves to reach perfection.
Each of our ambassadors embodies this aim and desire, trying his best in the woods, at the shooting range or while on a mission.

We proudly present you the Helikon-Tex Ambassadors.

Naval Ambasador Helikon-Tex


Helikon-Tex Patrol Line

Dave Ambasador Helikon-Tex

dave canterbury

Helikon-Tex Bushcraft Line

Trollsky Ambasador Helikon-Tex

Michał "Trollsky" Sielicki

Helikon-Tex Morale Line

TasTas Ambasador Helikon-Tex

Marcin "Taśtaś" Tausiewicz

Helikon-Tex Range Line

Tulej Ambasador Helikon-Tex

Łukasz Tulej

Helikon-Tex Outback Line

Stebel Ambasador Helikon-Tex

Maciej Stebel

Helikon-Tex Urban Line

Super Ambasador Helikon-Tex

Paweł „Super” Supernat

Helikon-Tex Bushcraft Line

Marcin Ambasador Helikon-Tex

Marcin Jędrzejczak

Helikon-Tex Range Line

Dave Film Helikon-Tex Play

Dave Canterbury

"In bushcraft and survival, the true journey to perfection lays in understanding nature".

One of the most recognized survival and bushcraft experts in the world.

Dave served in the US Army, and as a commercial fisherman, a Hunting Guide, and he has even worked on a reptile farm! For much of his life, he has gathered experience on how to survive in the harshest of environments.

Founder of The Pathfinder School that has its base in the USA, in the Ohio region, he also conducts training all over the world. He passes on his knowledge via his Youtube channel - “David Canterbury” - one of the largest in its category.

Author of NY Times Bestselling books like “Bushcraft 101: A Field Guide to the Art of Wilderness Survival”, he also had an opportunity to be apart of a National Geographic Channel show called Dirty Rotten Survival.

Dave constantly trains and develops his skills and during work and play he uses gear from the Helikon-Tex Bushcraft line.

Like Helikon-Tex, he is driven by the #JourneyToPerfection rule.

Trollsky Film Helikon-Tex Play

Michał "Trollsky" Sielicki

"I put all my knowledge and skills into each of my knives. These are tools, not ornaments".

Custom knife maker. An enthusiast of whiskey, watches, HEMI engines, firearms and clothing which do not restrict movement at work and in daily life, and sometimes he isn’t quite politically correct! Trollsky, or Michał Sielicki, lives by his own set of rules. At medieval re-enactment gatherings he noticed that it was difficult to find a well-made knife.

He began to forge the knives he needed and in a few years he gained recognition and not just from armourers. He quit his job in the IT department of a large, international company because, as he says, he was tired of scrubbing floors at the corporation. The morning after his thirty-fifth birthday, he said to his wife “Honey, I quit my job and now we will start living off making knives”. The wife only replied, “Well. finally!” He took a chance and became one of the most recognized and respected knife makers in the world. Many people consider his hand-made knives to be works of art, although he admits that he simply provides work tools for people on all continents who need cold steel forged in flaming fire.

He took part in the "Forged in Fire" program on American History Channel television, in which the best smiths of the world competed. He has also presented his knives at the Blade Show in Atlanta. Trollsky has become the ambassador of the Helikon-Tex Morale line because his life is a constant #JourneyToPerfection, which he follows without compromise.

Tas Tas Film Helikon-Tex Play

Marcin "Taśtaś" Tausiewicz

"In the beginning of my shooting career, the failures made me stronger".

50,000; this is how many rounds the Ambassador for the Helikon-Tex Range Line shoots during one competition season. "TaśTaś", because this is what his shooting colleagues call him, is a multiple Polish Champion in IPSC pistol - Production class. After moving to the Open class, he did not slow down and with the BUL Armory pistol in his hands won another two Polish Championship titles, and also added further wins in the IPSC Slovakia Championship 2018/2019.

With the yellow chameleon on his shirt, he also won the Polish IPSC Championship in the Open class. His hegemony in Central Europe has been going on since 2012. He shares his knowledge of sport shooting within the Daniel Defense Academy. He has been accompanied by Helikon-Tex equipment from the Range Line for years, and as he says, his #JourneyToPerfection is still going on.

Tulej Film Helikon-Tex Play

Łukasz Tulej

"One can try a meal. Survival is not about trying, because you cannot fail".

He rode on his bike across the desert in Jordan and rode on a horse across the mountains of Mongolia. “I travel and every next expedition always perfects me in the art of survival For me the outdoors is something more than a passion - it’s a way of life” says Łukasz who daily makes the #JourneyToPerfection motto a reality.

He uses survival and contact with nature as a tool of personal and social growth, and gear from Helikon-tex helps him in this. He is the founder of the "Sobrevivencia con Machiguenga" survival school in Peru where he teaches how to survive in Selve. He says that the recognition from the Mongol Rangers, Jordan bedouin and Peru Machiguenga with who he has trained is the highest honor and a sign that he has chosen the right path in life. He invites you to join him in his adventures, adults, kids, and even whole families. He appears in a series of the TV show called “Natural Poland” and “Survival Family” on Planete+. Lukasz Tulej has become an ambassador for the Outback line.

Stebel Film Helikon-Tex Play

Maciej Stebel – Szeryf USA

"Life of mine and my partners depends on my training".

Maciej Stebel who works as a Sheriff in the USA is a personification of the #JourneyToPerfection slogan. After his first visit to the United States of America he immediately fell in love with the country and decided to settle down there and start a family. His career started as a volunteer fireman and he has completed school for EMT medics and he is currently EMT-Advanced.

His determination led in 2016 to him achieving his goal of becoming a Deputy Sheriff in Douglas county in Nevada. Besides that, his passions are off road, shooting and photography. He runs a well-known blog, Szeryf w USA (szeryfwusa.com - Sheriff in the USA). Maciej Stebel is now a Helikon-Tex ambassador for the Urban line.

Super Film Helikon-Tex Play

Paweł “Super” Supernat

"Learn the art of survival. Those skills are superior to the equipment you carry".

Bushcraft line ambassador and outdoor equipment designer at the same time, “Super” has been engaged in the outdoor community and survival training community from his youth. His #JourneyToPerfection began with acting and training as a scouting instructor. He served in the elite Polish 1st Commando Regiment, gaining experience that he now passes to hundreds of people every year.

In 2010, he founded SurvivalTech, a leading brand in the Polish survival training market. Since 2015 he has been involved in the development of the Helikon-Tex Bushcraft Line. In his free time he likes to wander in wilderness, and he admits that it is when he comes into contact with wildlife that the best ideas for new outdoor equipment come to his mind. He is also involved in charity campaigns, including that to benefit the Children's Hospice in Częstochowa.

Marcin Film Helikon-Tex Play

Marcin Jędrzejczak

"It's crucial to decide yourself, what do you want to do in your life".

Shooting equipment designer and Helikon-Tex Range Line Ambassador, Marcin is a weapons expert with twenty years of experience in the industry. He now passes on his knowledge as a Streetsmart Instructor in his own shooting and self-defense school. He teaches that good results at the shooting range are just the beginning of the road in the use of a weapon in a self-defense scenario, and only training and simulation of real threats will help defend yourself and your family like the #JourneyToPerfection slogan states.

By designing Helikon-Tex equipment for shooters, he creates solutions that he later uses. He is most proud of the development of Training Mini Rig, a modern system for carrying ammunition and tools for shooting training. He focuses on functionality, durability, and comfort, and the tenet that equipment that comes out of his hand must also look good.